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Consentia Itinera. Multimedia itineraries in the history of the city of Cosenza starts thanks to the Foundation of Attilio and Elena Giuliani, empowered by the passion and the dedication of its president Sergio Giuliani and the managing director Francesco Pellegrini for the city.

The Museum aims to become a huge cultural center adding important activities to Villa Rendano Project, directed by Walter Pellegrini since 2014.

The Museum has a leadership composed by Walter Pellegrini, Anna Cipparrone, Daniele Borselli and other experts involved in many works and duties.

The museum also lies on the important contribution given by Scientific Committee comprised of: Giuseppe Roma, professor of Christian and Mediaeval Archaeology at the University of Calabria; Massimiliano Zane, cultural designer – Museum & Cultural Heritage Management and Governance; Cinzia Dal Maso, publisher, journalist and President of “Archeostorie”, Research Center for Public Archaeology.