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The founding of Cosenza was in 356 B.C. thanks to brutti population who inhabited the land for a long time and who chose Consentia as the capital and the metropolis, due to its geographic and economic position. It was a wealthy city and a strategic point during the Roman Empire as the archeological sites show us on the Tabula Peutigeriana and on the famous consular road made by Publio Popilio Lena nel 132 B.C. Myths and legends have always been interested in describing the magical aspect of the land, crossed by Crati and Busento rivers, turning it into one of the most important background for travelers, writers and poets interested in king Alaric’s life.

The city was dominated by foreigner reigns in which the kings changed its settlement, undergoing on a urban evolution starting during the Middle Age. Frederick II of Swabia, after the earthquake in 1184, promoted the city paying a visit for the Cathedral’s consecration in 1222 as well as Luis III of Anjou, who stepped in with his bride in 1434. Also Charles V gave some prestige to the town with his presence. The 16th century marked a productive period for Cosenza, not only in the city planning with the raising of several convents, but also giving births to important philosophers and intellectuals -Bernardino Telesio in the first place- who built up the academic structure.

Tragic events occurred during the Risorgimento, summed up in  the riots in 1844 and the following  Bandiera brothers’ murder  who fought to throw the Bourbon dominion out. Significant monuments were raised to praise their sacrifice in order to free the population.

Cosenza was also a special destination for the Grand Tour travelers between the 18th and the 19th century: the whole process labeled the city as one of the most influent in the southern history focusing not only on its historic aspect, but also on its touristic resource.

The multimedia museum Consentia Itinera. Percorsi multimediali nella storia della città di Cosenza,  established on the second floor in Villa Rendano, improves the historic heritage and, most of all, leads the guest through the events and the figures which have been characterized the city. Our aim is to encourage the audience in creating a symbiosis with Cosenza, in analyzing every place and its beauty, in captivating the sound, the colors, the symbols.

The museum attempts to invent a perspective to enjoy the city in a new way focusing on the Old Town and its soul, a space that needs to be admired, discovered, praised and preserved!