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Villa Rendano is a museum provided with one of the most refined technology in Europe that offers a sensational discovery of Cosenza, empowering the identity and the worth of the city. The historical contents are developed in accordance with the educational and the formative purposes in the current society: technology and knowledge, digital education and conventional learning establish an exchange between innovation and tradition useful for tourists, citizens and teens.

The topics offered in the 40-min trip will encourage questions, reading suggestions and the desire to increase the knowledge about the topics faced during the visit, so the idea is to develop public spaces and tools in order to spread CULTURE.

On the Villa’s ground floor there are a Traditional Library with an increasing addition of Greek and Latin, as well as historic and artistic copies, and a Touch Table with digitalized books, detailed researches and bibliographies.

Consentia Itinera also provides an in-depth analysis for young guests in order to get narrative’s scientific contents and other educational material to settle all the concepts in, costing 5 euros per person. It is also possible to choose the activities based on the school grades that are divided in:

  • Listening, 15 min.

  • Considerations and elaboration, 15 min.

  • Creative production, 45 min.