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Consentia Itinera. Multimedia itineraries in the history of the city of Cosenza starts in 2017 thanks to the Foundation of Attilio and Elena Giuliani with ETT Spa project. Visiting the museum, which it could be well described by the ICOM definition as a place of study, formation and pleasure, it is an actual experience because of its edutainment and entertainment functions in favor of the citizen as well as the tourist who, enjoying a 45 minutes trip, will understand the history of Cosenza and its beauty.

ConsentiaItinera rests on the innovation, the entertainment and the experience, responding to the idea of a museum that revalues those events and those characters that gave credits to the city and its following evolution, leaving a mark on the architecture, on the artworks and on the places during their passage. The tour will be a full immersion in the city and the guest will enjoy not only its history, but also its beautiful cultural heritage; to provide a further and direct involvement, the tourist could also download the mobile app ConsentiaItinera promoting an itinerary to the city center.

The storytelling is a defining element, a unique trait in the whole European scenario of museums, which provides a psychological and social function where the visitors are part of an emotional story by means of powerful technological system.

The adventures create a sort of fascination that is based on the ability of penetrating in the guest’s soul, so ConsentiaItinera aims to arouse emotion and intuition, offering to the visitors a pleasant knowledge and an absolute involvement.