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The foundation was in Rome in 2010 by Attilio and Elena Giuliani, two of the most important entrepreneurs known in Cosenza; thanks to their pioneering spirit, they raised an outstanding interior design company reaching the success abroad too. The commitment in restoring Villa Rendano in partnership with the Supervision for “Beni Architettonici e Paesaggistici di Cosenza” is on one hand, the beginning of an ambitious path and, on the other hand, it is the attempt to give one of the most beautiful building back to Cosenza.

The Foundation, after the Villa’s opening, proposed the project Villa Rendano 2014, tracing a work’s analysis to promote Villa Rendano as the “House of Ideas”, a space to create ideas for the future of the area and Europe and, at the same time, a center of development and research for the environment and the energetic resources. The purposes are research, formation, communication, discussion and comparison of different ideas. The focus is on the area and on the most significant problems faced by the cultural settlement of the city as well as Italian and local academic world.

The foundation offers a wide range of activities: an Observatory for the social innovation,  a Lab for the soil conservation, a workshop for the conservation and the enhancement of the landscape, the project “Cre- attivi”, a discussion about society. Alongside, Villa Rendano developed new research paths for conferences, the promotion of a Book Festival and of other fields, not only with the raising of Museo Consentia Itinera, but also including musical and theatrical projects that places the Foundation in an leading position in the southern.

Placed in Colle Triglio, Villa Rendano appears in an elegant and severe shape from the top of the hill, like a big eye that looks upon the city triumphantly; it is a milestone which fully incorporates the local identity. It was built in 1887, when Domenico Rendano, a landowner, bought a property on different levels for his spinning mill. After the restoration, the Villa starts looking like it is at the moment since 1891, becoming the magnificent “Palazzo a stabilimento Rendano”.

Alfonso Rendano lived in this beautiful mansion acquiring an important role among the people, who decided to name the local theatre after him; the pianist was strictly related to the Villa, which is the expression of their owners’ wealth and influence.

The villa is based on the renaissance style resembling the spaces dedicated to otia, but with strong skills recalling its economic and productive power. The building is structured on three levels with a refined balustrade on the top; on the inside there are elegant rooms whose higly decorated ceilings, typical of the end of the 19th century, recall other local places such as Palazzo Governo, Palazzo della Fondazione Carical and other private mansions.

In 2014 the Foundation Attilio ed Elena Giuliani ONLUS acquired Villa Rendano turning it into a focal point for the city’s life and culture. The museum “Consentia Itinera. Percorsi multimediali nella città di Cosenza” represents one of its significative moment.