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Ana Patricia da Silva
Ana Patricia da SilvaTourist Guide
Ana Patricia da Silva is an italo-brazilian guide with a big passion for travelling. With a bachelor’s degree in Tourist Studies and a master degree in Cultural Tourism, she works as a national tourist guide since 2015, touring with english and portuguese groups throughout Calabria to visit historical and naturalistic sites.
William Gatto
William GattoTourist Guide
William Gatto is a story-teller, a tourist guide and a tour leader qualified in cultural and sustainable tourism. He is the president of “Parco Tommaso Campanella” and he is involved as actor and director in creating emotional itineraries to visit the city of Cosenza and its castles, towers, churches, squares and other historical places since 2000.
He also runs buses for “Scopri Cosenza”. Info and booking: 3498544091
Paola Morano
Paola MoranoTourist Guide
Paola Morano graduated in Literature with a master degree as a Technical Assistent in Heritage Restoration and Conservation; she is a certified tourist guide since 2001, collaborating with public and private institutions to promote historical and artistic heritage in Calabria. She guides italian adult and scholarship groups to archaeological sites, to city centers and to naturalistic and gourmet tours.
Ida Luigia Tedesco
Ida Luigia TedescoTourist Guide
Ida Luigia Tedesco is a certified tourist guide since 2006 and a professional architect qualified in Cultural Heritage Management. She co-operated with the University of Calabria and with private companies, working on cultural heritage’s catalogues and on itineraries useful to visit the most famous italian cities. She tours with italian adult and scholarship groups and her purpose is to spread the passion for her region.
Antonello Zaccaria
Antonello ZaccariaTourist Guide
Antonello Zaccaria is a certified tourist guide since 2015 with a bachelor’s degree in Tourist and Communication Studies and a postgraduate specialization in Tourism and Residential Management. He worked as a local journalist in the past, and now his job follows his passion for popular traditions in Calabria and its significant folkloristic events around the region.
Claudia Coppola
Claudia CoppolaTourist Guide
Claudia Coppola is a certified tourist guide since 2015. Her academic formation is about classical archaeology, reflecting her interests in history and ancient world as proved by her archaeological researches on Magna Grecia, especially on Cosenza. She guides italian, english and spanish tourists in cultural trips all around the Calabria region.
Alessandra Scanga
Alessandra ScangaTourist Guide
Alessandra Scanca is a certified european tourist guide since 2015, graduated in Conservation of Artistic Heritage with a master degree in Art History.
She runs her own bussiness called “GuideOnCosenza” whose projects are cultural trips for international cruise tourists in Calabria. Her purpose is to show her guests the region’s beauties, convincing them to come back again.
Simone Cambrea
Simone CambreaTourist Guide
Simone Cambrea is a certified tourist guide who attempts to spread his love and attachement to his territory. He has a historical and an artistic formation with a wide knowledge about the whole Calabria. He speaks english and spanish too.