Room n.2 Bruttian metropolis and Roman supremacy

Room n.2 Bruttian metropolis and Roman supremacy 2018-03-14T11:40:32+00:00

Bruttian destiny was very tragic; although they were allied with Hannibal in the war against Rome, they were defeated once and for all in 204 B.C. After took advantage of the land, the famous brutia pitch and the natural resources, they were Romanized leading to an undisputed dominion on Bruttium (this was the name for most part of the Calabria region). Consentia, which changed in Cosentia –as we can read on Tabula Peutigeriana and on other sources about imperial itineraries– became a strategic place for the Empire and the population started to increase. The new roman city absorbed the ancient walls and the brettian buildings whose ruins are still visible in many parts of the city center (Toscano square, San Tommaso road, the Castle, in XV Marzo square under the Sersale building, etc…).

Another important event was the road’s realization that links Capua to Reggio, known as Popilia road.