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Alaric’s burial in Busento River, although it is unknown if it is a legend or a real event, was –and it still is- a specific identity symbol. The tragic sack of Rome in 410 B.C., led by Alaric, was the breaking point when the eternal city was a cultural crossroads.

Alaric was a German barbarian but very conscious about the roman world treated with diplomacy. During the first part of the fifth century he attempted to obtain concessions for his people unsuccessfully, so he spread violence and savagery. Following three days after the sack of Rome, reported in many sources, Alaric and his soldiers went to the South full of treasures. Alaric died in Cosenza and he was buried in Busento River: the story was told by Jordanes, but it became famous after the sixteenth century becoming a symbol for the city; it was reported by Leandro Alberti, a Dominican who paid a visit to Cosenza; it was also mentioned by Giovan Paolo of Aquino and, most of all, it was part of the Grand Tour narrative in which Alaric’s burial was described as one of the main reason for visiting the city, turning the event into a literary topos.