Room n.4 The Middle Age and Frederick

Room n.4 The Middle Age and Frederick 2018-03-14T11:43:19+00:00

Cosenza, during Brettian and Roman period, reached the Middle Age when the residential area was almost complete. The most important figures of the period were Frederick II of Swabia and Luca Campano, the archbishop who renewed the city after the tragic earthquake in 1184. The previous buildings were absorbed and others started to rise; the cathedral was rebuilt and the castle was included in the Emperor project. The city obtained some benefits including the recognition of “Fiera della Maddalena” and it was also honored with the valuable gift of Stauroteca made by Tiraz of Palermo. The Middle Age was a crucial moment for the civic revolution and its influence is noticeable in artworks such as the icon of Madonna del Pilerio and the memorial for Isabella of Aragon.