Room n.5 Cosenza during the sixteenth century

Room n.5 Cosenza during the sixteenth century 2018-03-14T11:45:55+00:00

Being a transitional land and crossroads of exchanges and experiences, Cosenza received king Charles V in 1535, as he was coming back from the military campaign in Tunis. The city was modified once again with the proliferation of majestic arches, evanescent structures and a solid architecture proved by important traces. In this century the “Accademia Cosentina” was promoted by the naturalist philosopher Bernardino Telesio with the development of astronomic studies, local and foreign hand-crafted artworks and religious buildings, as well as noble places. The city fully described in Camerota’s topographic maps and in books guarded in Biblioteca Angelica in Rome, turned into the “Athens” of Calabria.