Room n.6 Cosenza during the nineteenth century

Room n.6 Cosenza during the nineteenth century 2018-03-14T11:47:14+00:00

The history of Cosenza reached the peak in the 19th century during the Resorgimento and the spreading of the Grand Tour with the arrival of intellectuals from Germany, England and France. It was a topic moment for our host Alfonso Rendano with the building of the Theatre, named after him, and the Villa. The Resorgimento refers to the riots in 1844 and the Bandiera brothers’ involvement, who died here by being shoot in Vallone di Rovito, where there is a memorial for their spirit of sacrifice. Many sources and reports came from the travelers’ experiences, which accurately described the city, the inhabitants and, most of all, Alaric’s burial. In 1810 the city proceeded with the building of the theatre, the Real Ferdinando, which was an important contribution for the launch of the Teatro Comunale in 1919 staging the Aida by Giuseppe Verdi.