Room n.7 Cosenza during the twentieth century

Room n.7 Cosenza during the twentieth century 2018-03-14T11:48:23+00:00

The evolving process of Cosenza in the 20th century and nowadays could be enjoyed on a virtual trip sitting on the comfortable Cinema Italia, a modernistic example of architecture in Cosenza, creating a great attraction for the museum. The whole experience involving the highs and lows of Cosenza in this period could be lived by the visitor thanks to the highly technological Vr visors. The guests will experience the floods, the Crati’s overflow, the earthquakes and the tragic bombing in 1943 as if they really are part of the scenes. The 20th century was the age of great artists, such as Enrico Salfi, and of important decorative campaigns such as “Salone degli Specchi”, or room for public entertainment, located in “Palazzo della Prefettura” and in the rooms of “Palazzo della Cassa di Risparmio di Calabria e Lucania”, two important institutions for the economic development of the century.

The visors also allowa flight over the actual city, over its emerging system, its beauty, its creativity and its culture leaving the guests speechless.